Directions for making a Woven Star Baby Quilt 

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Disclaimer: We try our utmost to make sure our directions are accurate. However, we cannot guarantee our instructions. Mistakes can be made! If you see an instruction that looks wrong, or there is something you do not understand. email us: Have fun!

You need:

6" by 24" Omnigrid acrylic ruler, rotary cutter, mat, pencil.  

For each pieced fabric except for the center squares you need three-quarters of a yard of 44" or wider fabric -(you might want a little extra for shrinkage and straightening up edges)*; 

For the center blue squares you need one-third of a yard.

For the inner border you will need 2/3 of a yard if you piece your borders, and 1 & 1/3 yards if you do not want to piece your borders.

For outer border and binding (if piecing together):  you need 1 yard.

For backing: 1 3/4 yard (allows for shrinkage and ease);

Batting: crib batting 45" by 60"  

*Note: yardage estimates are approximate. How much fabric you will need depends on how carefully you cut, how much your fabric shrinks, whether you are willing to piece your borders, etc. When in doubt, buy more!

 From light blue, pink, yellow and green cut 2 rectangles 22” by 14”.

Repeat the following instructions for each pair of colors: light blue/pink; light blue/yellow; green/pink and green/yellow:  

  1. Lay fabrics pair rectangles right sides together with the lighter fabric on top (wrong side is up).
  2. Draw your outside cutting lines: (Since you will be cutting these lines use any marker that gives you a clear line. A pencil will do.) With a very accurate ruler mark off 3 rows by 5 columns of 3 7/8" squares (black lines) on one side. (see diagram.)  **This is a snap with the Omnigrid 6" by 24" ruler.** The Omnigrid ruler has 1/8" markings and because you can see through it, it is easy to line up each square precisely. Then with a rotary cutter and mat it will be easy to cut apart your triangles as described in step 9.
  3. Now mark diagonal cutting lines through the center of each block (red lines in diagram). Be careful to run line through each corner angle exactly.
  4. Making sure your rectangles are lined up and your fabric is on grain, pin every 4" or so all over the rectangle.
  5. Sew parallel lines on each side of your diagonal lines, starting in the top left corner and following the arrows in the diagram above on both sides of the diagonally marked lines (see picture at left). (If you have a 1/4" foot put the edge of the foot or guide along the [red] diagonal line.) Use a 2.5 to 3.0 mm stitch length. You may sew across the tips of adjacent triangles. The stitches are easy to remove when you cut apart the squares later.
  6. Now with a rotary cutter, ruler and mat cut along horizontal and vertical lines across each row and column. Then cut diagonal lines (between each line of stitching.) Notice that you don’t have to be that accurate cutting your diagonal lines because your seams are already stitched. Voilá! You'll find you have 30 3½" squares in each 2 color combination.
  7. Iron seams to light blue or green sides.

 Cut 15 3½" squares for center blue squares of friendship star.

To stitch your woven friendship star block, lay out squares as indicated in picture. Stitch squares using ¼" seams -first in rows. Then stitch rows together.  Press. "Square up" your block so that it measures 9½" square.

Lay out your finished block.  Follow it as you make your others. Make 14 more squares. If you want to "speed piece": stitch the first 2 segments of each of the remaining 14 blocks continuously -with just a whisper of thread between each. Next add the third piece of the first row to each. Follow same method with rows 2 and 3. Finally sew rows 2 to row 3; and row 3 to row 2.  You've got all your 15 blocks complete.

 Inner border strips: Cut 2 strips 5" by 45½". Sew to each side of quilt. (Or make strips a little longer; sew and then trim to match length of quilt.) Cut 2 strips 5" by 36½". Sew to top and bottom of quilt.

 Outer border strips: Piece together 2 outer border strips 2½" by 54½". Sew to each side of quilt. Cut 2 strips 2½" by 40½". Sew to top and bottom of quilt.

 Quilt and Bind Quilt as desired. Dimensions: 40" by 58".