Scrunchies (back to top)  

Instructions: There are lots of ways to make Scrunchies.  Here’s a simple method:

  1. Cut a fabric rectangle 23 inches by 4 inches.

  2. Sew or serge the long sides together with a ¼ inch seam to make a tube and turn right sides out. 

    *If serging: serge a chain longer than your tube. Fold the fabric rectangle rightsides together bringing the chain down inside the folded fabric. Serge the long side being careful not to to catch the chain in your stitching. Turn tube right side out over chain. -clip chain.*

  3. Safety pin 8 inches of ¼ inch elastic to one end of the tube and insert it through the tube.

  4. Sew ends together–or **just knot the elastic for an even easier project**!

  5. Take one end of the tube and insert it into the other. Turn the outer raw edge under to make a hem.

  6. Simply sew across the end with the long seam to the inside.

Rice Bag Microwave Heating Pad (back to top)  

Instructions: The rice bag feel good on your neck after hours of machine stitching!

What your need:
11 1/2 inch square of tightly woven 100% cotton fabric for rice bag (cotton only so it can be microwaved).12 inch by 13 1/2 inch rectangle of 100% cotton fabric for washable bag cover. Use a fabric with a soft finish. About 1 ¾ - 2 cups uncooked long grain white rice. Now:

  1. Take plain square and folding right sides together sew or serge  up one short end and one long edge to make a bag using a 1/2" seam.

  2. Carefully fill with rice.

  3. Turn in open edge for a hem and sew/serge across the top to encase the rice. (If using a sewing machine, try a triple stitch or go over stitching twice.)  Make sure both sides of the bag are sewn closed.

  4. Take larger rectangle and fold right sides together meeting 12 1/2" edges together. sew/serge bottom and long edge. 

  5. Take this outer bag and turn under raw  edge and hem: use a serger roll hem, use a rolled edge foot, hem with a decorative machine stitch –your choice.

TO USE your bag: put it in a microwave oven set on high for 1 to 2 minutes. (You decide how hot you want it to be, but be careful! Don't overheat.) a-a-a-h!


Plastic Bag Dispenser (back to top)  

Instructions: These are quick to make for a fraction of their selling price in stores and catalogs!

  1. Cut a 16 inch by 20 inch rectangle of decorative fabric.

  2. Make a narrow hem or edge finish at one short end.

  3. At other short end finish edge or fold in ½ inch. Take a 6" piece of ¼ to ½ inch stretchy elastic (such as lingerie elastic) and stretching the elastic secure it along this finished edge, thus gathering the fabric. (This is a time to try your elastic stitch if your machine has one.) Or, hem end to make a narrow casing and thread elastic through it and secure at each end.

  4. Fold lengthwise right sides together and sew or serge with a 3/8" seam along long side, Catching elastic in the seam.

  5. Make a 13 inch handle using strong ribbon or cord or making a tube of fabric cut 2 & ½ inches by 13 inches, sewn right sides together along the long edge and turned right sides out. Sew to the inside end of your holder without the elastic. (Sewing the fabric handle to holder with a rectangle with an x in it provides a strong attachment.)

Hang your dispenser by its handle. Fill with bags from the top, pull out bags as needed from the bottom!


Sachets (back to top)  

These are quick quick quick to make and nice to give and receive!

  1. Cut a 5 inch by 10 inch fabric rectangle (or size you desire). Here’s a spot to experiment with some fabric embellishment. Use your decorative thread, add some heirloom stitching, try pintucking. (If you have a hoop embroidery machine you could add a design to  your fabric before cutting out your rectangle.)

  2. Finish one long edge: do a decorative satin stitched or scalloped edge, roll hem,  etc.

  3. Fold fabric right sides together and sew/serge other short end and long edges together to form a case. Turn right sides out.

  4. Fill with potpourri, and tie tightly with a 24 inch length of cord or ribbon.